Identify which ad campaigns
and platforms bring you more customers

How does
Binotel Call Tracking work?


The user sees your ad in a search engine or on websites in the network, and follows the link.

On the site, each client sees a unique phone number. number assigned to him for the duration of the session.

The client calls you and places an order. The system captures all such calls and the sources from where the clients came from.

You see the number of calls from different sites, campaigns and search queries.

Three reasons

to use Call Tracking от Binotel

You get more calls

You allocate the advertising budget to effective advertising campaigns that bring you calls from customers.

You don't waste budgets

You know exactly how much a customer call costs and manage it by optimizing your advertising budget.

You use only effective advertising

You can see which advertising campaigns bring you calls and which don't. And you work only with effective advertising sources.

What gives

Binotel Call Tracking

For Marketer

Your advertising campaigns are always effective.

You know exactly what keywords in Google Ads and Facebook targeting are getting you targeted leads.

You can analyze advertising campaigns easier and faster and make decisions on their optimization.

For Head of Sales department

You know how many calls you receive fro advertising sources, so you can plan the workload in the sales department.

You see which ad campaigns are bringing in the highest paying customers, and you give marketing a call to scale those campaigns.

Get ready-made reports

in Google Analytics and My.Binotel

Google Analytics

Find out which ad sources, campaigns, ad groups, and keywords your customers are calling you from. And also analyze the customer journey before making a call.

Personal account My.binotel

Control the processing of leads on time, rate the quality of leads from different advertising platforms, control lost calls.


Binotel Call Tracking

The numbers of all operators. At the best rates on the market

Binotel offers the most favorable rates for renting landline and mobile numbers of all operators.

End-to-end analytics. A ready-made solution for large CRM systems

Connect and use the end-to-end analytics module for free and find out which ads bring you more sales.

Free trial period and extra month

In order for you to be convinced of the benefits of Binotel Call Tracking and to fully appreciate the effectiveness of your advertising, we will provide you with a trial period and a second month of free use of the service.

Connect Binotel Call Tracking now and get the second month for free

Find out which ads bring you more customers.

From the first click to the completion of the transaction: evaluate which ads "hook" the client at each stage of the sale

You see the entire customer journey.
You know what the potential client wrote in the search line, what ad brought him to the website, how long it took him to make a decision, and which ad eventually became decisive before buying.

You know the return on investment in advertising (ROMI):
you know how many sales each advertising campaign brought. Which one can be boosted and which one can be turned off.

You get highly effective advertising that brings you more sales.

How does the 

end-to-end analytics module work?


A potential client calls the company.

At this time, a call event is sent to Google Analytics.

When a deal is created in CRM, it is sent to Google Analytics appropriate event.

Upon successful sale, the amount of the transaction is sent to Google Analytics.

How to connect

Binotel Call Tracking

On your website

1. Install the Binotel Call Tracking code on the website

The code is located in the My.binotel Personal Account. Or the manager can send it to you by mail.

2. Write a special tag before the phone numbers on the site

In order for the numbers to start being replaced on the site, they must be wrapped in a special tag. Binotel experts will send you simple instructions on how to do it.

With phone numbers

3. Connect the number of numbers you need

You can buy call-tracking numbers from any mobile network operators.
Our managers will be happy to advise you and suggest the best options.

In Google Analytics

4. Set up goals in Google Analytics

How to do this is written in the Instructions.


Binotel CallTracking

Binotel Call Tracking

4 €

per month 1 number

We provide new clients with a trial period

and give the second month of using call tracking after paying for the first one.

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bring you more sales






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