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Binotel customers
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of site visitors
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What is

Online Chat

A smart widget for communicating with customers on your website. Automatically starts a dialogue with all site visitors, and then passes it on to employees. Not a single visitor will be ignored, both during working and non-working hours.

30+ useful features to improve sales and customer experience.

What gives
Online Chat

Additional sales channel: up to 60% more customer requests from the site

Convenient interface for communicating with visitors on the site

Attention to all visitors: no one will be missed

Fast service and solving simple questions

Special offer!
The second and third months are free!



Features of

Binotel Online Chat


No visitor will be ignored

Binotel Online Chat automatically sends welcome messages to all site visitors. And when the visitor answers it immediately connects him with the operator.


Control of lost dialogues

Every customer's question in the chat, to which he did not receive an answer, is the company's lost money. Binotel Online Chat keeps track of all dialogues in which the customer did not receive a response and notifies the operator about them. It also generates a report for the manager.


Active invitations to dialogue

Sometimes it is difficult for site visitors to decide on the choice of goods. And at this point, the offer of assistance by the operator will be decisive. Active invitations to dialogue increase the number of requests by 60%.


Automatic messages after business hours

During non-working hours and weekends, Binotel Online Chat will automatically display messages with important information for visitors on the site and offer to leave a contact for consultation during working hours.


Call request function

In order not to overload the site with various forms and buttons, we combined the call request widget on the site and the chat. First of all, it's beautiful :)
Secondly, it is convenient for the customer.


Quick phrases and ready-made answer templates

Usually, customers ask frequently repeated questions. To prevent managers from “reinventing the wheel” every time, you can prepare beautiful and correct response templates. Operators will respond faster. Binotel Online Chat also remembers frequent answers and will offer them to operators.


Rescuing chats with customers

If it so happens that the operator did not see the chat and did not respond to it, Binotel Online Chat will actively notify about it in all possible ways, as well as send messages to the visitor that will try to keep him on the site.


Real-time contact information

You know where the visitor came to your site from, what pages he was looking at, which one he is currently on, and what he is interested in. Therefore, you can immediately offer what he needs. If this is not the visitor's first visit to the site, you will see the entire previous history of communication with him.


Full history of all chats

When you re-access the chat, the operator sees all previous requests from this customer and which of the operators he communicated with earlier. All chats are automatically saved in your Binotel MyBusiness account.


Chat statistics. Completed employee performance reports

In your Binotel Online Chat personal account, you will have a complete picture of the work of operators, as well as statistics on successful and lost dialogues for a selected period or of all time.

And 15+ more features to attract customers and sales!

Binotel Online Chat


for Binotel Online Chat

Binotel license

11 euro

per month for 1 operator

2nd and 3rd month


Special offer!
The second and third months are free!