Customers call your company number

Calls go instantly through the Binotel Virtual PBX

And come to your office via the Internet

What does

 Binotel virtual PBX do?

Consolidate company numbers into a single network

Prevents forgotten and lost calls

Provides multichannel numbers

Records and stores audio recordings of all conversations

Displays customer information when calling

Transfers customer call data to your CRM

Generates reports on customer activity and employee performance

Increases work efficiency with smart features

Directs customer calls to assigned managers

Sends SMS from the customer’s card

What do you see

 in your Binotel MyBusiness account?

Information about lost calls

Call history for customer numbers and employees

Audio recordings of all conversations

Employee Productivity Metrics

Outgoing cost data

Mini-CRM: customer cards and tasks for them

Comments and tags for conversations

Trends in employee performance and customer activity

What equipment

 do employees need in the office?


Connects via wired internet



Cell-phone + SIM-card FMC

*will be available soon

Connected using a special SIM card FMC

Computer + headset

A softphone is installed on the computer